Introducing.... Tango for Parkinson's!

There is a lot of evidence that partner dancing, and in particularly tango dancing, is good therapy for Parkinson's. So, I've teamed up with some friends to offer an exercise class based on traditional Argentine tango, modified to be appropriate to the specific needs of people with Parkinson's. We started offering this class in early 2018. The classes were very small, which was fine since it allowed us to work out the kinks in the class outline, and also allowed us to discover some problems (which should have been obvious) with the studio space we were rentin

The class is now being offered at the offices of Parkinsons Resources of Oregon, which is located in Beaverton Oregon. The studio space there is excellent and the staff of PRO is incredibly encouraging and friendly.

Feel free to contact me if you or people you know would like to attend!

Dale Bennett 206-229-5161


Photo by Bill Alsup